Applied Behavioral Analysis(ABA)


ABA Therapy is used to teach practical and relevant skills to give children with developmental delays, cognitive delays, learning difficulties or behavioral problems the tools they need to achieve their developmental milestones. ABA Therapy should begin as soon as the child has been diagnosed or as early as possible, to have a positive impact now and prepare them for the future.

  • Focuses on changing behavior by understanding the reasons for the behavior.
  • Teaches communication, social, self-help, motor, adaptive and academic skills based on age-appropriate developmental milestones.
  • Ensures that each child receives an individualized ABA program with learning objectives to reflect their unique strengths and needs.
  • Provides monthly clinical supervision and case management on your child’s program to ensure progress and updates as goals are achieved.
  • Supports parents and other family members throughout all the years the child attends our Center.

Our ABA therapy approach uses multiple techniques for managing everything from self-stimulatory behavior to friendship development, from school readiness skills to language expansion ensuring your child has the skills they need to maximize their potential.